Feb 6, 2018

10 Tai Chi Applications & Principles | #1 High As Heaven Low As Earth | Kung Fu Training

In this kung fu training video Sifu Phu breaks down the Tai Chi Principles starting with the #1.

These principles are universal so they apply to the Yang style, Chen Style, Wu style, Sun Style, Hao Style and any other style you can think of.

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We teach Ngo Dac Na a system of energy & physics principles that can be applied to any style to enhance it as these principles make size, strength and age a non issue. It’s all about chi and the physics of the body. These principles can be used solo or with your favorite style. We teach Qigong, Tai Chi, Chin Na, Wing Chun, C.O.R.E. Training, Ground Fighting and Women’s Self-Defense all filtered through the NDN principles created from Sifu Phu Ngo and his family’s teachings.

Sifu Larry Rivera and Sije Jamie Pelaez created Enter Shaolin as a labor of love to be able to bring Sifu Phu’s great teachers to those around the world.

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