Jan 20, 2018

13 Tai Chi Posture at Zixiao Palace Wudang

The 13 Postures is the foundation of Tai Chi Quan. Without the 13 Postures there is neither the Quan (form) nor the push-hands. It consists of the first 8 postures – energies and the Five Elements (the last 5 postures – steps. The 13 postures are:

01 Peng — Ward Off
02 Lu — Roll Back
03 Ji — Press
04 An — Push
05 Tsai — Pluck
06 Lieh — Split
07 Zhou — Elbow
08 Kao — Shoulder
09 Advancing Forward Steps
10 Retreating Backwards Steps
11 Stepping to the Left
12 Stepping to the Right
13 Zhong Ding — Central Equilibrium


掤 、捋、挤、按、采 、挒 、肘、靠,前进、后退、左顾、右盼、中定


掤 捋 挤 按 拦 雀 尾
后 退 步 倒 倦 肱
左 右 云 手 顾 和 盼
采 挒 肘 靠 和 中 定

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