Nov 10, 2015

6 forms Yang Style Tai Chi

Ancient initial form of Yang Family from Fu Zhong Wen Lineage in the 80’s. Fu Zhong Wen was one of the most relevant students of Yang Cheng Fu. This form is performed by Shifu Vinicius Severo inside Kung Fu Connection Brazil.

Shifu Vinicius is a student of Grand Master Chan Kwok Wai in Academia Sino Brasileira de Kung Fu in Sao Paulo – Brazil. This is one of the first Chinese Martial Art Center in South America. You Can Learn there the authentic Northern Shaolin style, in addition, Shaolin Luo Han, Tan Lang, Tam Tui, Zha Fist, Choy Lay Fut, Liu He, Ziran Men, Wudang Swords and the internal Martial arts Tai Chi, Ba Gua, Xing Yi, Ziran Men, Baji, Liang Yi and so on…

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6 Form Yang
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