Aug 3, 2020

Bagua Zhang in St. Louis, MO

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Chen Style Tai Chi and Yang Style Tai Chi and lineage holder, Master Arthur Du demonstrated the another internal martial arts – Ba Gua Zhang.


How to learn Yang Style Tai Chi 24 forms with detailed instructions? (Free 20 minutes each lesson, easy Tai Chi for beginners)
Lesson 1: Preparation and Opening form:
Lesson 2: Part the Wild Horse’s Mane:
Lesson 3: Footwork:
Lesson 4: White Crane Spreads its wings:
Entire 24 form performance in 12 minutes:
Yang Style Tai Chi 42 form:

Interested in Chen Style Tai Chi instead?
Chen Style Tai Chi Xinjia Yilu (New Frame) Part 1:
Chen Style Tai Chi Xinjia Yilu (New Frame) Part 2:
Chen Style Punch Online Lesson:
Chen Style Tai Chi Competition Performance:
Chen Style Tai Chi Group Performance after 8 classes:
Tai Chi Push Hands Lesson:

Interested in Tai Chi weapon forms?
Chen Style Tai Chi Spear:
Chen Style Tai Chi Double Sabres:
Chen Style Tai Chi Long Handle Broadsword:
Yang Style Tai Chi Sword:

Interested in Qigong and other Tai Chi lessons?
Two Self Health Care exercise:
Online Qigong Class:
Online Qigong Class part 2:
Easy Qigong Exercise in Covid-19 suite:
First Online Qigong and Tai Chi online class:
Easy Qigong:

Interested in Xing Yi (another internal martial art)?
Xingyi 12 Animal form:
Xingyi 5 elements:
Xingyi Walking Stick:

Interested in Ba Gua Zhang (the third type of major internal martial arts?
Ba Gua Zhang Empty Hand Form:
Bagua Sword:

Interested in Praying Mantis form (external martial arts)?
Paying Mantis First:

Interested in taking a private lesson online with Master Arthur Du? Check our website below.
Website: and contact us at:
One hour lesson: $75 through Zoom (pre and post Covid-19 in-person lesson: $100/hour)

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