Dec 3, 2019

Bagua Zhang Introduction by Master Chenhan Yang 2019

Video Description

Bagua Zhang Introduction: excerpt from March 2019 DVD by Master Chenhan Yang
Bagua DVDs:
Bagua for Beginners 1: Eight Palms
Bagua for Beginners 2: Swimming Body
Bagua Zhang (or, pa kua chang) translates to Eight Trigrams Palm, and is a well-known internal martial art, aka Dragon Shape Bagua zhang(龍形八卦掌), from Emei Mountain, China 峨嵋山,中國.

Eight Palms Sequence (64 movements)
1 Single Changing Palm 單換掌
2 Double Changing Palm 雙換掌
3 Following Through Palm 順勢掌
4 Reversing Body Palm 背身掌
5 Turning Body Palm 轉身掌
6 Double Embracing Palm 雙抱掌
7 Grinding Body Palm 磨身掌
8 Rotating Body Palm 翻身掌

Swimming Body Sequence (64 movements)
1 Swimming Body Palm 游身掌
2 Revolving Body Palm 旋身掌
3 Swaying Body Palm 搖身掌
4 Dodging Body Palm 閃身掌
5 Boring and Chopping Palm 穿劈掌
6 Turning Body Palm 轉身掌
7 Leading and Carrying Palm 牽帶掌
8 Dragon Shape Palm 龍行掌

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