Aug 4, 2020

Bagua Zhang Warm Up // Follow Along #2

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Bagua Zhang Intermediate Program – Warm Up Week #3-4

If you are a student of our Yizong Bagua School, this warm up will be the starting point of your intermediate practice session. Different warm ups will address different learning aspects over the next weeks. After finishing the warm up, please continue with the material that you previously learned through our Bagua Basics Curriculum. Tian Gan, Circle Walking, Hou Tian, Applications, Weapons… you know what to do!

If you are NOT a student of our school, please feel free to follow this routine as good as you can. And if you are interested in getting into the details or you want to learn Bagua Zhang from the start, please just get in touch with me.

For the first time I can offer you to become a full Online Member of our school, where you can learn all the content of our regular classes from your home, through a Facebook Forum. (Bagua Zhang, Xingyi Quan, Taiji Quan & Nei Gong). For the price of a regular local membership. And this includes Tutorials, Programming AND Individual Feedback through video, pictures & pdf’s.

Exercises in this video:
1. Ankle Mobility – Circles
2. Knee Circles 10x
3. Knee Bends, Heels elevated 10x
4. Hip Circles
5. Spinal Waves
6. Arm Swings, front
7. Arm Swings, side
8. Arm Swings, rotational
9. Li Zhang, Solo Drill
10. Basic Hand Methods 1-8
11. Snake Smooth Body Palm
12. Dragon Palm Change

For more information, please send a message via Facebook or an Email to:

See you on the other side, future air bender!

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