Jan 14, 2018

Basic Tai Chi Yang Style Movements

The Tai Chi forms range from short 8 movement forms, 24 forms to much longer forms like the full yang form which seems to be the most popular form and one which I first learnt 30 years ago with an amazing teacher in who was in her 90s…still moving as quickly as a 20/30 year old….and she inspired me to take this up along side the yoga I was learning and harder martial art forms or external martial arts like gung or kung fu and karate. I starter off learning tai chi for the martial and self defence applications…. after training for a couple of years I noticed a range of health benefits…so I explored the health benefits of tai chi then qi gong… I then craved to learn more about the culture and sort out more teachers, so I could further develop my understanding of this beautiful style. Here is a very very basic sequence and one of the earlier sets I learnt. Here, I am training after suffering a very bad leg injury…so you can see that tai chi is for everyone and it has actually helped me rectify many health issues in myself and in training others.

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24 Form Yang
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