Jan 22, 2018

Beginners Free Tai Chi Home Study Video 18 Form Yang and Sun Elements

In this Home Study Module Sensei Jon has created a simple home study module for his students. The Module includes 18 Tai Chi elements suitable for home study follow along instruction. Sensei Jon is using Sun style movements is this short form however these are prevalent elements found in Yang and Sun Style Tai Chi. The Video has and introduction, the full 18 form and a breakdown for each section. The following elements are included:

1. Warrior and Scholar
2. Beginning of Tai Chi
3. Pushing Away
4. Grasping Birds Tail
5. Single Push Block
6. Focus and Recharge
7. Hands in Clouds
8. White Stork Cools Wings
9. Brush Knee
10. Play the Piepah
11. Supported Strike
12. Kicking Left and Right
13. Supported Groin Strike
14. Twin Fist Over Knee
15. Circle Block
16. Twin Fist Crossed
17. Twin Fist Strike
18. Ending of Tai Chi

Use proper posture, breathing, focus and intent is important. Blessing to you all! Sensei Jon…

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