Jan 28, 2018

Best Fight Scenes: Baguazhang

Also known as “8 Trigram Palm”, this Chinese martial art is one of the three Wudang (or Wu-Tang) styles having originated in the Wudang Mountains of China. It is categorized as an “internal” style which focuses on redirection of force to turn the opponent’s own strength against them similar to Judo, Aikido, and Hapkido. In contrast to the other Wudang styles (Tai Chi and Xing Yi), Baguazhang can be identified by it’s signature “circle walk”, circular footwork designed to improve one’s stance and movement. Though employing both striking and grappling, Baguazhang seems to be most well known for its palm techniques, particularly palm strikes. Although this could be based on the popularity of those specific techniques or a specific branch of Baguazhang rather than a general characteristic of the martial art as a whole. While not making as many cinematic appearances as other styles of Chinese martial arts, it has however been depicted in well known movies such as “Ip Man 2” (demonstrated by the late Hark-On Fung, R.I.P.), “The Grandmaster” (by Ziyi Zhang), and by Jet Li himself in “The One”. I’m no expert on Baguazhang but a fan of awesome fight choreography so I decided to delve a bit deeper and research some of the films/television series that feature Baguazhang. So here’s a compilation of some Baguazhang fight scenes.

Here are links to short films featured in this video:
Those Who Go To Hell (fight scene):

Those Who Go To Hell (full web series):

Kung Fu Jungle:

List of movies/television series featured in order of appearance:
1. Ip Man 2
2. Bangkok Knockout
3. Those Who Go To Hell Episode 3
4. The One
5. The Defender (The Bodyguard from Beijing)
6. The 8 Diagram Pole Fighter (Invincible Pole Fighter)
7. Dragon Tiger Gate
8. Kung Fu Jungle (Fan Film)
9. House of Fury
10. The Grandmaster
11. Drunken Tai Chi
12. Man of Tai Chi
13. Martial Arts of Shaolin
14. Tai Chi Hero
15. (outro) Avatar: The Legend of Korra
16. (outro) Naruto

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