Feb 5, 2018

Chen Bing Teaching Taiji Applications

Chen Bing teaching Taiji applications/techniques based on Laojia Yilu. One wristlock and two takedowns. Presentation and practice of the technques with partner is to give better understanding of the movements and the training in general rather than usage of the particular technique in certain way. Despite the techniques are similar among many styles, the specific training methods and way of using the body are making Taijiquan unique. Enjoy!

Footage from the First Seminar with Chen Bing in Berlin, 2012. ‘Karl-Bonhoeffer Nervenklinik’ Sports Hall. Translation from Chinese to German by Naomi Hirano-Baumann. Seminar organized by Alfie Schütz.

Film by: Szczeciński Klub Taijiquan

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