Jan 19, 2018

Chen Shi Taiji Quan 83 – Christoph Eberhard

During my stay at the Northern China Shaolin Martial Arts Academy in 2002-2003, I also learned the 83 Chen Style Taiji Quan form. A friend filmed it when I reached back home. In my quest to deepen the Chen style Taiji Quan, I since had to relearn the form twice as every teacher I met had is own different style of doing it. I first learned it anew in Beijing in 2005, and then again in Brussels. This version is actually quite different from the version I am practicing now!

I spent quite some time in my life, learning and relearning things… At the beginning this was quite disturbing: isn’t there one right way? Isn’t there a moment where you should move on instead of starting basics over and over again? Finally, I’m happy to have gone through this kind of experience. I think it has helped me to let go of too tight attachment to form and little by little taught me start to appreciate underlying principles… and to just start to really taste what I am doing, whatever it is.

Good Qi and beautiful inspirations on your respective Daos, or paths 🙂

“Life is not a void to be filled. It is a plenitude to be discovered.” Christoph Eberhard

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