Jan 15, 2018

Chen Style Tai Chi – 19 Form

Chen Style Tai Chi (Taijiquan) was created in Chenjiagou Village, Wenxian County, Henan Province, China in the late Ming Dynasty, almost 400 years ago, by the 9th generation Chen family member; General Chen Wangtin. Following a decorated military career General Chen retired to Chenjiagou where he began formulating an internal martial arts that incorporated the wisdom of the ancient Taoist philosophy of Yin and Yang, with specialised breathing techniques, and a profound understanding of the internal energy meridians “jingluo” used in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

This Form created by Grandmaster Chen Zheng lei, he is the foremost authority on Chen Style Tai Chi. This form has been designed for beginners of Chen Style Tai Chi, performing Pudi Pesaro. Brought by Your Life Creation

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19 Form Chen
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