Jan 15, 2018

Chen Style Tai Chi 9 Form – Master Sue Johnson: 5th April 2015, Sri Lanka

Participants of ‘Tai Chi for Health & Well-being’ Workshop conducted by Master Sue Johnson, Principal Instructor of British Chen Style Tai Chi College, practicing Lao Jia 9 Form on 5th April 2015 at Heiwa Martial Arts Academy, Moratuwa. Most of the participants had no prior experience in Tai Chi, but were able to follow Master Sue on 9 Form after 3 hrs of training on day 2 of the workshop.
For Chen Style Tai Chi Workshops, seminars, training courses contact Indishe Senanayake, Chief Instructor of Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan Man Lian Club, Sri Lanka. taichilanka@gmail.com, 0777-976418

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