Jan 15, 2018

Chen Style Tai Chi 9 Form

Mr. Samantha Silva training Chen Style Tai Chi 9 Form at the age of 77 at Heiwa Martial Arts Academy Moratuwa on 26 Feb 2012 under Indishe Senanayake.

Mr. Silva who is a UK citizen, commenced training Tai Chi under Indishe Senanayake in 2008 while he was on vacation and practised Tai Chi for a couple of months by visiting him often.

He visited Heiwa Martial Arts Academy again in order to review what he learnt four years back.

No one is too old ever to start training and keeping fit. Mr. Silva is a good example for people who think that age is a barrier.

“Tai Chi, The secret to anti-aging” it’s the “miracle exercise” for people seeking to avoid drugs, surgery and expensive doctor bills.” ~ Dr. Mehmet Oz on Oprah

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