Feb 5, 2018

Chen Style Tai Chi Broadsword|陈氏太极刀

Chen Style Tai Chi Broadsword|陈氏太极刀

Master Yu Guoshun is the twelfth generation descendant of Chen Style Taichi Chuan and a long time disciple of late Master Ma Hong. He also studied extensively with Master Chen Yu.

Master Yu offers group classes weekly in New York City, and also offers private lessons and workshops all over the US. If you are interested in taking lesson from him in NYC or invite him to your area to teach please feel free to contact him:

email: Yuguoshun57@gmail.com
Phone: 347-525-7947 (English); 917-535-3916 (Mandarin)
Weekly group lessons information is posted on Meetup.com:

Thanks for watching!

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