Feb 5, 2018

Chen Style Tai Chi Chunqiu big broadsword 1/2(Eng sub)-Thái cực quyền Đại đao

Starring: Tiancai,Zhu
Chen-Style Chunqiu Big Broadsword, also called 揋reen Dragon Lying Moon Broadsword? is a kind of long instrument of Chen-Style Taiji routines.
Its routine layout is reasonably arranged, harmoniously upward and downward, giving a clear exhibition of the techniques Chop, Hack, Upper Cut, Hang, Cut, Slice, Intercept, Block, Pick, Prick, Push, Drag, Prop and Shake.
Demand: a must solid foundation of fist in practice of big broadsword, more important especially to waist and leg forces, and arm force.

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