Feb 5, 2018

Chen Style Tai Chi Taiji single sword 1/2(Eng sub)-Thái cực Đơn kiếm

Starring: Tiancai,Zhu
Chen-Style Taiji Single Sword is a short instrument in Taiji routines, created by Chen Wangyan in Chenjiagou of Wen County in Henan province, at the end of Ming dynasty and beginning of qing dynasty. There are 49 stances, with reasonable layout of routines, concisely linked, clearly moving, with the stances such as Ward Off, Hang, Upper Cut, Chop, Prick, Point, Slice, Hold, Support, Sweep, Intercept, Plunge, Push and Dissolve, accompanied by the body and step skills of Taijiquan. It shows the true features moving sword by body, continuous linking, twisting revolving, alternating energy storing and sending, as well as slowness and fastness.
Demand: a must command of fist form practice, lead qi by will, push body by qi. Transfer force to the end of sword and transferred to whole body and make it natural and revolving.

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