Jan 15, 2018

Chen Tai Chi 19 Form Instructional DVD – Lazy About Tying the Coat

Instruction on the Chen Tai Chi 19 Form — a short clip from a new DVD by Sifu Ken Gullette showing some instruction for movement #3, Lazy About Tying the Coat. The DVD contains 2 1/2 hours of detailed instruction on this “beginner” form of Chen family Tai Chi (also spelled Chen Taiji). Ken learned the Chen 19 form from Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang and his students/disciples, including Jim and Angela Criscimagna and Mark Wasson. As usual, Ken offers in-depth instruction on each movement, with an emphasis on internal body mechanics. Buy the DVD on Ken’s website and blog — www.kungfu4u.com and www.internalfightingartsblog.com – and there is free shipping worldwide and a no hassle money back guarantee if you aren’t happy with the DVD. The Chen 19 DVD is also available on Amazon with Prime shipping.

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19 Form Chen
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