Jan 19, 2018

Chen Tai Chi 74 Form Part One

To learn and practice Tai Chi, to discover and explore the mountains, to travel and to play in China, to reconnect with your true self, all at Tai Chi Traveler.

We always practise Tai Chi where life is in nature, fresh air and beautiful location.
Our Tai Chi retreat holidays and teacher training programs is the perfect way to conbine a tai chi practice into your Asia travel holidays. You can mix and match activities, You can always create your own schedule, join us at anytime of the year, for as many days, weeks, and months as you desire, all for a reasonable price and excellent service.

Experience authentic tai chi and real life Asia culture, taste local cuisine, take day trips, relax on the beach, and participate in activities such as Tai Chi, hiking, biking, climing, cooking, discovery the mountains, visiting local markets, warking around small villages, towns, and much more at in China Asia.
The Story of Tai Chi Traveler

Tai Chi Traveler is the sister of Yangshuo Huang Hua Tai Chi Traveler Academy China, and was founded by Huang Hua (Henry) who is the academys chairman. Having run a successful Tai Chi Traveler Academy in Yangshuo for over 15 years, Henry wanted to teach Tai Chi whilst combining it with the culture of travel. He spent many years travelling around Asia, which gave birth to a desire to also give those interested in both Tai Chi and travel the opportunity to do both at once; so Tai Chi Traveler was born.

Yangshuo remains the head quarters where students can train all year round, however, in order to accommodate those who want to see Asia and continue to enjoy Tai Chi, we have chosen several locations to visit that we feel to be both culturally and spiritually significant.

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