Feb 6, 2018

Chen Tai Chi Straight Sword Applications

Chen Tai Chi Straight Sword Applications — www.internalfightingarts.com — This short clip shows Sifu Ken Gullette demonstrating two applications from “Ancient Tree Entwines its Roots” and “Hungry Tiger Searches for Food,” two movements from the Chen Taiji Straight Sword Form. This is part of more than 700 video lessons on Ken’s website at www.internalfightingarts.com, as he teaches the arts of Chen Tai Chi, Xingyiquan and Baguazhang step-by-step, with an emphasis on body mechanics and self-defense. Ken believes it is not enough to learn a weapons form — you should also learn to fight with the weapon. Fighting with a straight sword is not something you do every day in modern life, but the skills that you learn easily transfer to other possible weapons, such as a stick. Check out Ken’s website and try two weeks free — no contracts — and you can even get personal coaching from Ken. The website has members worldwide. Many of them are studying with other teachers and use Ken’s material to supplement and add to the instruction they are getting elsewhere. Some teachers use the site for new ideas and techniques for their classes. Besides video lessons, there are downloadable ebooks and other material.

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