Jan 19, 2018

Chen Taiji 108 Longfist

Wuji Tongbei Chan Quan (Hongdong Tongbei) / Chen Taiji 108 Posture Long Fist
This is the complete, original, Chen family 108 posture Long Fist form performed by a master of the Wuji Tongbei Chan Quan system.
This form is believed by members of the Chen Family to be the form that was used as the basis for the creation of the long form of Chen Taiji by Chen Wangting.
This form has also been claimed by some to be part of the original martial arts brought from Shanxi by Chen Bu, the founder of the Henan branch of the Chen family in the reign of Ming Taizu.
The Hongdong Tong Bei tradition traces back to Chen BuFu, 12th generation descendant of the Henan Chen Taiji family.
Around the year 1780 he killed a government official and was forced to flee. Leaving Henan he traveled to Shanxi province’s Hongdong county in Linfen prefecture where he had relatives living. Hongdong was the original home of the Chen family before they were relocated to Henan during the early Ming land clearances.
Changing his name to Guo Yongfu he sought a job teaching martial arts to the son of a local official.
The style he taught became known as Wújí Tōng Bèi Chán Quán (Wuji Connected Through the Back Reeling Boxing) otherwise known as Hongdong Tongbei. It’s a mixture of early Chen family martial arts and local Shanxi TongBei. However the core set remains the original Chen family 108 longfist form.
When Chen BuFu fled to Shanxi and established the Wuyi Tongbei Chan Quan tradition he passed this form on to his martial descendants. Small frame Taiji master Chen Liqing traveled to Shanxi in the 1970’s to learn the form from the Wuji Tongbei Chan Quan masters and return it to the Chen family curriculum.

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