Feb 5, 2018

Chen Taiji Single Sword 49 Form 单剑

Single Straight Sword (Dan Jian – 单剑) by Master Li

The jian (straight, or double edged sword), is a more delicate weapon compared to the dao (broadsword) or spear. It is associated with the Phoenix. The jian is the weapon of the scholar or gentleman. The practice of the sword develops precise movements, focused awareness and the ability to project one’s jing or intention to the blade of the sword.

This form is characterized by light, spiraling movements that demonstrate the internal aspects of Chen Style Taijiquan. Included in the sword form are techniques for piercing, chopping, hacking, pointing or tipping, slicing and parrying. The movements of the sword form is performed like a dragon flying through the sky – fluid, smooth and continuous.

Master Li is a 20th generation Chen Style Taijiquan instructor in Nairobi, Kenya, who conducts weekly Chen taiji program.

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