Feb 5, 2018

Chen Xiaowang Applications DVD excerpt, Laojia/19ct w/ fajin

Chen Xiaowang Applications DVD excerpt, Laojia/19ct w/ fajin, off “Ancestral Chen-style Taijiquan: Internal strength learning boxing and coiling slightly”

Also, for English speakers – the translation is obviously very rough. This is one of those reasons to 1) learn Chinese, or 2) watch these DVDs over and over to start to get what is meant. Both are good. πŸ™‚ And, of course, to concentrate your attention on the fine movements of such a master of the body. What he says is important, how he moves is its manifestation.

Also, I feel sorry for the guy in red. He really gets tossed around, even though I’m sure Chen Xiaowang isn’t trying to break him. Though the clipping back to bigger angles is poorly timed, as always on these DVDs… The “Too much production” problem in this whole series (green-screen dragons, waterfalls, etc. taking away from Chen Xiaowang’s amazingness)

Personally, the final bit on this DVD (this is the last 10 minutes) on the applications of foot stomp and downward punch is golden. Super helpful for me.

And lastly: inasmuch as I have time, I will keep this video from devolving into a discussion of MMA and “realism.” If you have not trained with, actually touched, a high level chen style tai chi teacher, than my response is going to be: “take your martial art seriously, then go find Chen Xiao Wang or a disciple and get hands on.” Armchair philosophy, who is right and who is wrong, waste all of our precious, fleeting lives. Let’s be open to learning. Often, people are part right and part wrong. Yes, there is garbage tai chi that purports to be more martial than it really is. And yes, people new to serious tai chi practice do not have the experience to judge what is powerful and what is not without feeling it. But let’s meet somewhere USEFUL in the middle, shall we?

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