Feb 5, 2018

Chen Zhonghua 2014 Perth Workshop Applications Trailer

Workshop was sponsored by Gawain Siu of Perth, Australia.

These are clips from a real teaching seminar. The seminar is on Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method. Some of the topics covered at the seminar, particularly clips in this video, is how to train the form with power according to the concept of “doing the form as if you are fighting with a person and fight with a person as if you are doing the form solo”.

The powers demonstrated come from rotation of a center, sometimes in the physical center, others in the designated center. Fajin is also demonstrated in the form. Microphone was placed on the throat and volume raised to show students there is is actually “effort” in the generation of power.

English site: www.practicalmethod.com
Chinese site: www.shiyongquanfa.cn

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