Feb 5, 2018

Chen Ziqiang November 2014 Chen Taiji seminar

Tuishou,/Push hands workout with Chen Ziqiang. This is a short piece of Day 2 training with Chen Ziqiang. He worked my cardio good and was quite a little beast to work with. Not sure how much he weighs, under 150 I believe, but of course some say as little as 125 pounds( just keeps getting smaller), which he certainly doesn’t feel like. Some look at this as a type of wrestling and not “proper tuishou” all the Taiji critics of course are welcome to take a poke. Either way Taiji principles were in play, some can see what others can’t. That being said their are also areas that were below standard needing improvement and that’s the point of training this way. This isn’t fighting , sparring or Taiji boxing but a way of testing certain skills. Please share what you see as good, bad or otherwise and feel free to critique both myself and Chen Ziqiang.

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