Feb 5, 2018

Fajin (Fajing) in Chen Tai Chi Cannon Fist and Applications 陳式太極拳炮捶套路及應用

Sifu Wei-Chung Lin (林維中), a disciple of the Yizungyue (易宗岳) School and the Chief Instructor of the Chinese Taoist Martial Arts Association ( ) in Skokie (a northern suburb of Chicago) Illinois, demonstrates Chen style Tai Chi Chuan (陳式太極拳) New Frame Form II (Cannon Fist or Pao Chui) (砲捶) and its applications.

The body mechanics employed in the execution of the movements are based on the Pre-Heaven Power Method rather than the traditional Dan Tian based method. Please check the website for details on the Pre-Heaven Power Method.

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