May 12, 2020

Fan style Bagua Zhang

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Fán Shì Bāguà Zhǎng (Fan Family Eight Diagram Palms)

This style of Bagua originates with Fan Zhiyong (Fan the Madman). Master Fan was a Manchu Bannerman known for his high level of skill in Shaolin and Tantui. He became a student of master Dong Haichuan in beijing and studied with him for several years. At one point he was able to spend time alone with master Dong in Prince Su’s mansion where he was taught a method of bagua combining freestyle movement with Buddhist and Taoist meditation and inner cultivation methods. This method was called Wuji Bagua, or Nei Quan Bagua “Inner Circle Bagua”. This and the Shaolin based Luohan and conditioning skills may be why this branch is sometimes referred to as “Buddhist Bagua”.

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