Dec 8, 2019

FuXi Bagua Quan

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Fúxī bāguà quán is a traditional martial art from Huaiyang county in Henan province. It has been practiced in that area since the beginning of the Qing dynasty. It can be traced back to a man named Liu Huai. He was born into a rich family and had studied several styles in his youth, even traveling to Cangzhou prefecture in Hebei province to study under famous masters in the area. After returning to Huaiyang he met a traveling Taoist priest who went by the name of “Wind” who he studied under for ten years learning the art of “Fuxi Bagua Quan”. The style sets are organized around the Pre and Post Heaven Bagua, Five Elements, Heavenly Stems, Earthly Branches, etc. The style has generally been passed down to very few people, only in the Huaiyang area. Much of the original syllabus has been lost and today it is in danger of becoming extinct. P.S. Fuxi refers to the mythical Emperor Fuxi (29th century B.C.) who created the Pre-Heaven Bagua diagram and is thought to have lived in the Huaiyang area.

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