Jan 28, 2018

Golden Qi Gong sitting

Golden Qi Gong [Chi Kung]

Sitting about 34 Minutes
Standing about 24 Minutes

Both the sitting and standing routines are done slow and are pretty easy. They are designed for older adults. This is the same routine that I do in all the senior centers that I teach in. Even though the movements seems simple, they are complex, when taken to a higher levels. Actually they are great for anyone. If you have done Tai Ji or Qi Gong you will be able to figure out the process in getting more and more out of these simple movements. If you have any questions just e-mail me.

At the beginner level you are just doing as much as is comfortable. There is not too much stretching or pushing yourself beyond the comfortable range. This is a meditation in movement. So be aware of this, what are you feeling in your body. In class I am always asking “what do your hands feel like, what do your feet feel like?” When you get comfortable with the movement and start putting it into memory the true balance of body, mind, spirit, emotional, core, can begin. When you feel comfortable with the sitting try the standing. Of course you are checking your health status out with your medical professional before starting any exercise program. Any questions e-mail me at joe@bmsec.com

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