Jan 28, 2018

Grand master li suicheng Zhaobao tai chi 武当赵堡太极拳 李随成太极推手道讲座_1_01

Li suicheng Zaobao tai chi 11th gneration master was born in xianin 1948, 1963 worship wudang zhaobao tai chi great master Mr. ZhengWuQing for the teacher, exercise wudang zhaobao tai chi for more than 40 years. In 1984 he was awarded the tai chi push hand 75 kg class first Shanxi province. The current shanxi Chinese tai chi tuishoudao co, LTD. legal person, director and general manager. Wudang zhao bao tai chi research board vice-chairman and head coach, the international tai chi yi tao honorary President. The wudang “cover articles, the eternal magazine published articles are about tai chi fight. Shanxi TV, shanxi broadcasting &television weekly reported many times about his teach tai chi. Shanxi TV, Xian TV, Xian education TV station broadcasts the teaching CD up to a year. Advocate tai chi push hand , aspire to organization a high-quality NaGu boxing martial arts competition team, both at home and abroad to participate in a martial arts game against the project. In the third session of jiaozuo international tai chi push hand prizefights Shanxi qualification tryout, six disciple all get their first level.

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