Jan 19, 2018

Ma Hong–Taichi Chen Style Yilu Form 83 (2) 马虹陈式太极拳一路讲解 CD2

El maestro Pan Zhencai, uno de los alumnos del Maestro Ma Hong, vive en Barcelona dando las clases de Taichi. Si le interesa, póngase en contacto con Diego, 664 747 279.
Chen Style Tai Chi–First Routine by Ma Hong This is the origional Chen (Zhaokui) Style of Tai Chi form. Chen Zhaokui was the son of Chen Fa’Ke, the Tai Chi legend of last century. Chen Fa’ke only taught this low posture family form to his son. Chen Zhaokui was the master who promote this style to different regions of China after his father past away. Grandmaster Ma Hong had followed Chen Zhaokui for many years. He is one of the representative figures of this style in China. As one of the Tai Chi Grandmasters, he has taught many students around the world. Compare to other styles of Tai Chi, this style will give people more benefits in terms of self-defense and health purposes. This video demonstrates the result and benefit of more than half-century daily practice and diligence.

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83 Form Chen
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