Jan 20, 2018

Master Alex Dong – Slow set taiji 1st part

Μaster Alex Dong demonstrates the Dong Family Slow set taiji – 1st part. Alex Dong is a fourth generation taijiquan master of the Dong (Tung) family. Born in China, he moved to the USA and now lives and teaches in NY. Alex Dong’s great-grandfather, Tung Ying Jie was a principal disciple of Yang Cheng-Fu and had also studied with Li Xiang Yuan who was a disciple of Hao Wei Jing, founder of the Hao style Taiji. Alex Dong’s grand-father, Dong Hu Ling spread the art in Southeast Asia and the USA. This video is part of an instructional DVD shot in Hawaii in 2001. Alex Dong leads seminars worldwide in the USA, Canada, Brazil, the UK, the Czech Republic, Italy, Greece and in Asia.
He can be reached at

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