Feb 5, 2018

Master Chen Youze 陳有則老師 Chen-Style Taiji Sword (Jian) Demo

Master Chen Youze 陳有則老師 is a 20th generation direct line descendant of the Chen Family in Chenjiagou (Chen Village), Henan Province, China. He is the eldest son of Grandmaster Chen Qingzhou. His form is a unique blend of Lao Jia “old form” learned by many of his Chen elders as well as passing on his father, Grandmaster Chen Qingzhou’s 陳慶州大師 legacy of Lao Jia 老架 and Zungu Taiji 尊古太極. He is demonstrating a Chen Style Sword (Jian) form to American Chen Taiji Society during his taiji tour in 2016.

Master Chen is a four-time consecutive, Chen Village push hands champion 陳家溝推手連續4年冠軍, three times consecutively under confrontational rules (which have since been banned due to violence and injury) 全國推手連續3年冠軍. His distinguished career includes:

• China National Coach: Chen Family Taijiquan Forms, confrontational push hands, traditional

• Competition Judge: China national wushu forms, weapons, Chen Style push hands

• He has several feature videos, and is currently featured on the cover of December 2008 issue of T’ai Chi Magazine

Master Chen’s Bio:

American Chen Taiji Society:

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