Jan 20, 2018

Master Men Ganhong Dong Yue Taiji Jian Form

Dong Yue Taiji Jian Form demonstrated by Master Men Ganhong

Master Men Ganghong started to learn Wushu when she was only 5 years old. She was awarded first place in Asia and in China for both Chen-Style and Sun-Style Taiji Quan. After graduating from Beijing Sport University in 1993 she coached at Beijing Wushu Institute and successfully trained many Wushu students. Students taught by Master Men have become gold medalists in Olympic, European Wushu Championships and International Wushu Championships. She currently lives and teaches Taiji in Korea and is the president of Korea Taiji Wushu School.

Her mother , Kan Gui Xiang, is a famous professor of Wu Shu at the Beijing Physical Education University. She is also Wu Shu nine Duan which is the highest Wu Shu level in China. She learned Chen-Style Taiji Quan from Master Tian Xiu Chen, who was was one of the best students of Chen-Style Taiji Master Chen Fa Ke. She developed the Chen-Style Simplified Taiji Chuan and Sword 36 Movement Forms and the Chen-Style Taiji Series used for Wushu Competition. Master Kan has written over 20 books on Taiji and created a new recognized Taiji Chuan form with her husband, Master Men Hui Feng, called Dong Yue Tai Chi.

Her father, Professor Men HuiFeng, is one of the founders of Taiji 24, 48 and 42 competition forms and also the Taiji 32 and 42 Sword Forms. Professor Men is one of the ten top Wushu professors in China and is the Vice President of the Chinese National Wushu Association.

Master Kan has been working with her husband, Professor Men HuiFeng, in editing a new style of Taiji Movement, which now is called “Dong Yue Taiji System”. It also was officially listed in standard Tai Chi systems by Tai Chi Quan association of China. Dong Yue Taiji consists of hand, staff, spear, jian, and dao forms.

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