Feb 5, 2018

Master Sheng ShenHua:Chen Style Taiji – Single Broadsword

Master Sheng ShenHua:Chen Style Taiji – Single Broadsword(Saber)

生甡華 老師 / 陳氏太極刀示範

* 自幼好武,初從學諸家,日經月累練習,奠定良好武術及技擊基礎。及長後,潛心練習陳家太極,用心鑽研太極內功心法,虛心體悟並實踐融入各家太極及他種武術所長。師承陳家溝世傳陳氏太極第十九世 陳正雷大師,並從學徐福臻先生、、、等明師通曉孰練陳氏太極各式拳架及短器械套路,推手,散推,散手及統合層次的技擊格鬥實戰運用。多年豐富的教學經驗,從實從真的教學態度,科學化的訓練方法。

* Fond of martial art since childhood, solid foundation built by practicing various of martial arts and kong-fu. Focus on learning & probing Chen Style Tai-chi after sensing the essence of martial art. Good at all forms of Chen Style Tai-chi, particularly fond of playing Form II–Cannon Fist. Learning Chen Tai-chi from Master Chen ZhengLei who is a world-wide know Tai-chi master. Ex-instructor and chairman of Tai-chi Club in Citibank Taipei. Ex-instructor at Ow-way Health Club, Taipei City Health club and Alexander Health Club. Profound teaching experience for years, seeking for truth and reality in martial art, scientific and progressive training process.

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