Oct 12, 2019

Mixed Bagua, Xingyi, taijiquan, from one of many so-called "Wudang style" schools

Video Description

This film has been re-edited and the full clip is now on my channel, Some very interesting skills and techniques displayed by this old master, even though the extreme dubiousness of the Chang Seng Feng legend and so-called Wudang lineages stretch all credibility beyond reason, they are still highly marketable commodities in China, by far the biggest number of tourists at Wudang mountain are Chinese neija acolytes looking for their mythical holy grail. However, despite this master’s highly contentious lineage claims, he has undoubted high-level martial arts skills, which shows, that in China if you are going to talk the talk (even if your credentials are dodgy), you still have to walk the walk, otherwise you will be just another forgotten never was. He has a deep and thorough understanding of all regional styles of xingyi and bagua, his taiji is hard to distinguish from general taiji skills though it is still at a very high level. Despite the constant criticism I receive of this video, taken in correct context and with a grain of salt, there is much to learn here. As the saying goes those who see know, those who don’t. don’t understand.

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