Feb 5, 2018

MTG224: Chang Yiu-chun’s Broadsword of the Yang Family

Probably the most dangerous weapon ever invented, this form is also one of the greatest healing forms ever invented. It comes in a direct lineage from Yang Shou-hou and is considered to be the Original Yang Family Broadsword form of the Old Yang Style. With fa-jing movements, leaps and jumps, this form will balance you internally as well as balance out the amount of minerals and chemicals in your body. For fitness, there is nothing finer as it works every muscle and sinew in the body over only a five minute period. This is not the broadsword form that most people are used to seeing as it is based upon the Original Yang Lu-ch’an Taijiquan form and not the Yang Cheng-fu version.

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Broadsword Yang
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