Jan 20, 2018

Paul Silfverstråle – Wudang Practical Tai Chi Chuan – pushing hands & striking skills – Prague 2014

“Best of” Paul’s seminar on tai chi in Prague, Czech Republic, 13.-14.12.2014.

Paul wrote on his blog :

“A weekend in December, it was time for the first training seminar with the Wudang PTCC group in Prague, Czech Republic.
Petr Svarc had invited me to get to know his students and focus the weekend on the link between Pushing Hands – Tui Shou and striking skills – Da Shou.

Bai Shi with the first set of Yin Nei Kung was one of the important elements of many of the participants.

At most, there were over 40 participants from Sweden, France, Great Britain, Slovakia and the Czech Republic, and the old atmospheric training hall added a good vibe to the experience.”

– Oliver Onions – Dune Buggy (from Altrimenti ci arrabbiamo Movie)
– Oliver Onions – “Il Ballo” (from Altrimenti ci arrabbiamo Movie)
– Oliver Onions – Flying through the air

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