Feb 5, 2018

Shaolin Secrets To Success Yang Tai Chi Concepts/Application

Senior Master Grooms, considered one of Shaolin’s top internal practitioners, is well known for his understanding of body mechanics and internal arts principals and concepts. In this three-part DVD series, Master Grooms goes beyond the basics of Yang Style Tai Chi to explore it’s principles, martial applications, and theory which demonstrates the reason Tai Chi is one of the world’s most effective martial arts.

For the purposes of education and training in his schools, Senior Master Grooms has divided up the Yang Style 38 posture, 64 move form into six sections. Each DVD covers two of these sections and adds a wealth of information and insight only years of training can provide.

Volume One introduces you to the Meaning of Tai Chi Chuan, health benefits & how they relate to Tai Chi Martial Functionality, Tai Chi Fundamentals & proper body mechanics. Senior Master Grooms also performs the of first two sections of Yang Tai Chi and explain some of the applications from these sections, demonstrating them both slowly and at speed.

Volume Two continues to build on this foundation as Master Grooms shows you some warm-up exercises, provides a detailed description of the five schools of thought on breathing, performs sections three and four of the form, and once again provides applications found within these sections.

In Volume Three, Master Grooms performs sections five and six of the form, describes applications from these sections, and then introduces you to “Pushing Hands”, – or “Tai Chi Sparring”. In addition, he shows you some candle training exercises which teach you how to harness your internal power.

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