Feb 5, 2018

Six Harmony Big Spear fighting

Wáng Bǎo LiùHé Dà Qiāng (Wang Bao village Six Harmony Big Spear)
A.K.A. LiùHé Shén Qiāng (Six Harmony Divine Spear)
It has been suggested that this was possibly the style of Liu He Da Qiang that Ji Long Feng Learned and combined with the methods of boxing he learned at Shaolin to create Xin Yi Quan.
The Six Harmony Spear lineage of Wang Bo village traces back to Wang Zhong Jin who learned the Six Harmony Spear from priest Dong Bing Qian of Qianzai temple.
Dong Bing Qian was a great master of Yáng Jiā LiùHé Qiāng (Yang Family Six Harmony Spear). This style was said to have been passed down from the legendary Song Dynasty Yang family.

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