Dec 6, 2019


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I’m on a mission to stop you from using the WRONG BAGUA / pakwa pakua. Yes, there are those who have been misled. I am doing this video in hopes to guide you back on track.
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Feng Shui and Prosper shows you how to feng shui the RIGHT way so you can finally attract more love and money. No more ‘fast food’ feng shui that makes you think you’re doing feng shui – but you really aren’t! Trained as the 6th-generation disciple from the Tan Yang Wu School of Feng shui, I think I know a thing or two about ACTIVATING YOUR MONEY AND LOVE CORNERS PROPERLY and I want to help you do that! I’ll be putting up weekly videos with tips and techniques to help you on your fen sui journey, so if you haven’t already, subscribe NOW so you won’t miss a thing!

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