Jan 14, 2018

Tai Chi 42 Form performed by Master Arthur Du

Tai Chi 42 form.
For more information about Master Arthur Du, go to www.arthurtaichi.com.
Master Du has rich experiences in teaching internal Kung Fu (martial arts) such as Tai Chi, Xingyi and Bagua in a new way. His anti-aging method involves theories in the areas of Yin-Yang, the Five Elements, and Chinese medicine. He started his martial arts and Chinese medicine promotion when he was a child with his family. Later, he has been studying with many famous martial arts Grandmasters such as Gongwei Xu, Yuanze Qian and Maosong He.

What is more, Master Du is a Tai Chi Coach for the Jiangsu Province, Assistant Director for the Jiangsu Provincial Anti-aging Association, a Chinese Medicine Health Promotion Specialist for the Martial arts Committee, and a Senior Specialist for Chinse Nutritional Cuisine Preparation (The Senior Specialist is the highest certificate for Chinese Nutritional Cooking).

In 2011, Master Du moved to Columbia, Missouri from China. Currently, he is teaching Tai Chi empty forms, Tai Chi Sword, Tai Chi Fan, Xing Yi empty forms, Xing Yi Stick, Ba Gua Sword, Praying Mantis and so on.

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