Aug 29, 2012

Tai chi for beginners – Yang Basic 8 step

Learn the basics of Tai chi for beginners from a real tai chi master. Master Wong tai chi available in Ipswich, Suffolk and online offers instruction with the best quality music and HD video. Yang style and Chen style form. Click here

You can now get the full Tai Chi Health training course from our website on the Udemy platform. Here is the link for 50% off the course.
with the free app you can access the lesson from your mobile phone or tablet online and offline a long with many more benefits. Included on the course are the basic stepping and hand exercises as well as the Chi kung or qi gong breathing exercises.

Tai is know to help with balance, co-ordination, blood circulation, better posture and more. If you want to improve in your health then Tai Chi chaun is a good place to start.

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8 Form Chen
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