Jan 14, 2018

Tai Chi Form 42 Taiji

Visit for more videos of Master Jesse Tsao on Yang, Chen, Wu, Sun tai chi tyle and Tai Chi sword, broadsword, qigong (Chi gong)for internal energy healing, bio-energy, Shaolin and Wudang Kung-fu martial arts. Tai Chi Health Ways host annual workshop with the top masters. See photos or videos of Chen Zhenglei, Li Deyin, Zhu Tiancai, Chen Xiaowang, Dan Lee, Su Zifang, Abraham Liu … This DVD is from the teachings of Grandmaster Li Deyin, one of three experts who created this popular routine in 1989. Master Jesse Tsao presents a demonstration, followed by step-by-step instruction in English. There are repetitions in both front and back view.

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