Feb 6, 2018

Tai Chi Push Hands For Beginners, Part 2

Tai Chi Push Hands For Beginners, part 2. In this video Master Yuan provided some simple and easy training examples. It is very useful and works well to many beginners. Please subscribe to our channel, more Master Yuan’s training practice is coming. As for other David’s stuff, watch it lighthearted, hope at least it may have entertainment value, we need to have fun while learning, right? You need to practice with as many partners as you can find, and learn from as many good Masters as you can find. Hope other people can contribute more training ideas and let us know why they work for you.

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It is important we share our experience and discuss the best way to learn Taiji. We don’t want to lose the traditional martial arts treasures, we want to improve them by developing better skills and enabling better learning.

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General Disclaimer:
1.The beginner videos are video captures of my own progress of Taiji push hands learning. Taiji requires time-consuming fundamental work to condition the body, in order to accommodate this to my busy life schedule, I have tried different things. I will try to present various options, some of them may suit your current state while others may be too simple or you may not be ready to comprehend at your current level.
2.Since I started late, as any other adults, we have already built all the bad habits in our life, i.e. when someone pushes me, my body would naturally be tense etc. As I began in the worst state, any crazy techniques conventional or not, can not make it even more worse. To me, it is better we make 10 things available to try so that we are motivated than not able to learn one thing and give up the learning.
3.Master Wang Zhuang Hong in his book says: when you crossed the river, you no longer need the boat anymore. Also after you reached a new level, you may have to unlearn the things you have learned in the previous level. Thus the videos is only appropriate for its corresponding level, once you passed that level, you may not want to continue the same thing.
4.Like many people, I am not full time working on Taiji, I am busy on many other things in my life. Also it is possible more hours may have diminishing returns. My style of learning: I like to set the goal to be small and be motivated (you may agree or disagree but motivation is a big factor to me or I will it give up) so that I am improving in a linear region, see more detail on this: . Everyone’s condition may be different, you may work with your master on setting your goal, your master may show you some of the possible ways but most importantly, you have to learn your own Taiji and turn it to your own. As you move to higher and higher levels, the learning skill is even more important because of fewer alternative paths and fewer people can point you to the right direction.
5.As Master Wang Says, Taiji is the natural law. A lineage/style of Taiji may discontinue for a few hundred years, and then it may reappear from a different distant village. In the old days, the techniques and skills are guarded, only the most elite are trained. I think the youtube will change that, sooner or later different lineage and branches would post their best materials or someone else will. So please start posting your videos, leave comments and share this video etc.

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