Jan 19, 2018

Tai Chi Taiji Taichi Taijijuan 42 forms – Back View Demo

This Tai Chi is the format used in international competitions including the 2008 China Olympic.This video is compiled by Master Lee Tak Yin (李德印) who is the umpire of the Chinese National Wushu Team and the Head of the Sports Faculty of the Chinese People’s University.
For beginners, see also the Front View of this demo to better understand the basic movements.

Tai Chi: An Exercise in Anti-aging
Tai chi, the choreographed meditative exercises that have been a healing art in China for thousands of years, is practiced by over 100 million people worldwide and owes its popularity to a simple fact – it’s enjoyable and it makes you stronger.
Recent studies confirm that when practiced regularly – 30 minutes, three times a week – it has numerous health benefits including: increased energy, decreased stress, an immunity boost against viruses, lowered blood pressure, better cognitive functioning, increased joint mobility, an improved cholesterol profile, relief from fibromyalgia symptoms, and even a better night’s sleep.
It also increases leg muscle strength and provides better balance and posture. Perhaps the best part is that tai chi is a gentle exercise that can be performed by anyone at any age.

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