Jan 20, 2018

TaiChi Sword Kungfu – The Flying-Dragon Form 飛龍七星劍

– Combining moves I learned from TaiChi sword, wudang kungfu. I created my own style, called “The Flying-Dragon Form”.
Kungfu forms, especially TaiChi, are often like soft and slow dances. (although in hands of masters those “dances” can become deadly)
In reality though, how many TaiChi masters can you actually happen to meet? Even if you meet one, okay how would you make him/her to fight someone in front of you? I am not a master by any chance.Thus, I ignored all the “dance” parts in TaiChi sword; Every single move in this form is directly designed to be practical and useful, during real combats.

Sword used: standard taichi competition 38”

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Dragon Form Wudang
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