Feb 5, 2018

Tribute to Sifu Ma Chang ( #B — 49 Chen Tai Chi Sword )

马畅陈式49太极剑全套演示 马畅 的太极武馆 怀念太极美女马畅..Part 6. ( RIP Sifu Ma Chang ) 纪念太极美女-马畅- In loving Memory of 24 years old Sifu Ma Chang ( 1987-2011) a loving daughter of a 12th gen Chen style grand-master and she was a 13th gen. master of Chen’s Tai Ch Chuan..Beijing Olympic Torch Bearer…China’s National Tai Chi Champion & Referee with over 35 gold & silver medals .. She was killed in a Auto Accident on her way to the NamChang Demo with 4 Passager,and she was the only one that died. We miss you the Most beautiful girl of Tai Chi .

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