Jan 28, 2018

Wing Chun Qi Gong Form Tutorial – Step by Step

Wing Chun was invented by a female nun, Ng Mu (Wu Mei 五枚).

It should be expressed with the mentality of a woman. Flexible, not relying on brute strength. Each technique flows into the next. Using the least effort to defeat your opponent.

It should be effortless.

In modern times Wing Chun is commonly expressed with the mentality of a man. Brute strength vs brute strength.

If the practitioner is skilled and doesn’t need to rely on brute strength. There will be a time where they will need more than skill, relaxation and physical strength.

This is to have the upper hand against someone who is equally skilled and physically stronger.

To compensate for this there is the Wing Chun Qi Gong Form. This is not openly taught and was taught to me by my Master Lee Shing.
It was not taught by Ip Man.

It is an additional exercise to supplement your kung fu training. To teach you how to breathe properly, how to control your breathe and improve your health.

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