Jan 20, 2018

Wudang Kungfu Applications uprooting, throwing 武当 跌法 用法 ( 摔跤 摔法 )

Enjoy some impressions of the martial side of rooting and soft wudang daoist kungfu. Interesting aspects of self defense, throwing, close combat in wudang kungfu, bagua and taiji. Not a realistic fight!!! It’s a put up video to show some nice throwing techniques which were not meant to hurt the student!!! With some training these techniques are good for self defense and real street fighting too.

Diefa means “The Art Of Throwing” or uprooting…

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武当山传真武术院院长王兴清,道号信玄子,龙门派第25代传人: 武当跌法, 用法, (摔跤).
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